University of Bolzano

27010 Statistics

University of Melbourne

MAST10001 Experimental design and data Analysis (x4)

MAST20005 Statistics (x3)

MAST20031 Analysis of biological data (x1)

University of Modena

Introductory statistics (x3)

University of Minnesota

STAT3011 Introduction to statistical analysis (x2)

University of Bolzano

25408 Applied statistics for accounting and finance

27174 Methods for business analysis

University of Melbourne

MAST90110 Analysis of  high-dimensional data (x1)

BINF90001  Statistics for bioinformatics (x3)

MAST90058 Elements of statistics (x3)

AMSI Winter School

Introduction to high-dimensional statistics (x1)

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia:

Statistical learning and prediction from data (x3)

An introduction to sampling (x1)

Bayesian analysis for forensic sciences (x1)